Park Pals Dog Walking Service Sheffield 2

Park Pals offers professional dog walking with free pick up and drop off in and around South Sheffield

The Walk
At Park Pals Dog Walking Service your dog will get the exercise best suited to their age and breed in a group walk with other dogs. 

If your dog prefers to be on their own we take them for solo walks locally.

We like to vary our walks so your dog won’t get bored and can enjoy plenty of new smells. 

Our favourite routes include green open spaces in and around South Sheffield including Ecclesall Woods, Graves Park, Limb Lane & Whirlow Woods.
Sometimes we will take your dog out for the afternoon to the Peak District (and we don’t charge extra for this!), we visit Fox House, Burbage, Ladybower and anywhere else that is suitable for dogs to run around and have an adventure.


Doggy Interview 
We offer a free meet & greet where we visit you and your dog prior to walking them to see if they will like us so when we next meet them we’ll be familiar and then the fun begins!


Key holding Service
To collect your dog when you are out we can hold your keys, they will be locked in a secure cabinet with no address details on.
The security of your home is paramount to us.

Your dogs comfort and happiness is our priority

Call us to arrange a free meet & greet, we’ll come and visit you and tell you all about our service.

For your peace of mind we are

Fully insured
5* rated by our clients 
Trained in canine first aid
Reliable and trustworthy
Experienced dog owners
Close to beautiful walking fields

What to expect from each walk

Our walks are safe and have your dogs comfort as a priority

  • Interaction with the walker (games, fuss & treats)
  • Exciting surroundings to explore
  • Doggy friend for plenty of play and socialisation
  • No risky walks – dogs supervised at all times
  • Fresh water and towel down after every walk
  • Regular updates and pictures for you (all part of the service!)

A Clean Home

We always remove muddy boots when we collect your dog and all dogs get a good rub down with a towel when they’re muddy or wet. As well as reducing the amount of mud they bring into the house a good belly rub and a tickle always goes down well at the end of a walk!

Extra Doggy Adventures!

We offer an exclusive ‘Pooches in the Peaks‘ service. This is a monthly Saturday walk from 11-3pm for group socialised dogs. We take them out to the Peaks for fun and games so you can use your time wisely and do the things you really need to do.

Other Services

We offer and/or can recommend other services including:

  • Dog Sitting 
  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Day Care
  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Behaviour Training

Call to book 07999059984

Service Area

We walk dogs from homes across South Sheffield including Norton, Graves Park, Woodseats,
Beauchief, Millhouses, Greenhill, Dore, Whirlow, Bradway,Ecclesall, Meersbrook, Netheredge, Heeley and surrounding.

Postcodes include 
S7, S8, S11, S12, S17

  • In a nutshell, we collect your dog, take them for a walk, bring them home, clean them and replace their water. 
    We provide a key holding service to collect and return your dog if you will be out at work when we call and we are fully insured for the keys.
    It really couldn’t be easier for you.

  • We are fully insured.
    We are a professional business and we handle clients precious dogs and keys to their home: two of the most valuable things they own, therefore it is peace of mind to use a fully insured business. We wouldn’t use the services of a business that is uninsured so we’d never expect our clients to.
    We are covered for public liability as well as other liabilities by PetPlanSanctuary and you can read here what our insurance covers. We will show you a copy of our current insurance certificate at the meet and greet to alleviate any concerns.

  • In our group walks, we usually take 4-6 at once and sometimes we walk more or less. Our insurance doesn’t have a maximum number of dogs that we can walk but we like to stay in control and not take too many out alone. All dogs in any group are well socialised and well behaved, some stay on the lead and others are let off. 

  • Yes, we provide a solo dog walking service for dogs that prefer to be alone.
    If your dog wears a muzzle but can be in a group, this is fine, we are experienced dog handlers so understand not every dog is sociable. 

  • Only with your permission to do so and if and when we feel 100% in control will we unleash your dog. 
    Our ‘off leash consent’ form will need to be signed by you before we will consider removing your dogs lead. 

  • We walk lots of different types of dogs. Some enjoy a nice stroll just taking in the sights and sounds whilst others like to be off the lead bounding around chasing sticks and burning off their energy.
    We will cater to your dogs needs and provide him with the best walk for his character and needs.

  • Yes we can walk multiple dogs from the same household and give a discount for this.

  • We don’t use a van and your dog will be safely clipped in the back of our appropriate vehicle using the proper seat belt attachments. Your dog will be able to look out of the window, see where they are going and get fresh air, they are also able to lay down on our comfy seats and rest after their walk. Not using a van makes the journey much more comfortable and will be no different to when you take them out in your own vehicle. We can also keep a close eye on them when being transported to and from their favourite walking spots.

    Feedback from our clients tells us that their dogs would not feel comfortable in the back of a windowless van with other dogs or in a cramped cage and as we promise to look after your dog as we do our own, you can be assured we always have their comfort and safety in mind.

  • We walk in various locations in and around the green spaces and woods of South West Sheffield. We like to change our routes so the dogs can find new smells and adventures. Our preferred walking routes are where we won’t see any members of the public, nearby rivers for a cold drink and safe woods to explore. Our favourite routes include Ecclesall and Whirlow Woods, Graves Park and Lady Cannings Plantation.
    We often go for a huge walk out to the Peak District including Fox House, Longshaw, Burbage and Higger Tor. We have discovered some perfect spots around the green belt land in South West Sheffield from Moss Valley to Mayfield Valley and anywhere else that we think will be a real adventure!

  • We do all the hard work and all you have to do is give us a call. We will arrange to visit you, meet your dog then go through the relevant information and arrange your dogs walks!. It really is as easy as that.
    Call us on 07999 059984 

Dog Walking FAQS