Dog Walking Services
Let us walk your dog for you

The Walk

Your pooch will get the exercise best suited to their age and breed in a group walk with other dogs. If your dog prefers to be on their own we take them for solo walks.

We like to vary our walks so your dog won’t get bored and can enjoy plenty of new smells.
Our favourite routes include green open spaces in and around South Sheffield including Ecclesall Woods, Graves Park and local woods and countryside.

Doggie Interview

We meet all dogs prior to walking them to see if you dog will like us and be comfortable with us so when we next meet him he’ll be familiar with us and then we can have some real fun!

Keyholding Service

To collect your dog when you are out we can hold your keys, they will be locked in a secure cabinet. The security of your home is paramount to us.

We Are

 Experienced dog owners
 Fully insured
  5* rated and have references
 Trained in canine first aid
 Reliable and trustworthy
 Close to beautiful walking fields

Only with your permission and when we feel 100% in control will your dog be let off the lead.

Dog Walking FAQS

  • We take your dog for a walk, bring them home, clean them and replace their water. 

    We provide a key holding service to collect and return your dog if you will be out at work when we call.

  • Yes, we walk dogs that prefer to be alone on the walk. See our solo dog walking prices.

  • To be full control we only ever take 5 dogs at a time for a group walk. All dogs in the group are well socialized and friendly, some stay on the lead and others are let off. 

  • Yes, we are fully insured.

  • Only with your permission to do so and if and when we feel 100% in control of your dog that we will let them off the lead.

  • We walk in various locations in and around the green spaces and woods of South Sheffield. We like to change our routes so the dogs can find new smells and adventures. 

  • We walk lots of different types of dogs. Some enjoy a nice stroll just taking in the sights and sounds whilst others like to be off the lead bounding around chasing sticks and burning off their energy. We will cater to your dogs needs and provide him with the best walk for his character and needs.

  • Yes we can walk multiple dogs from the same household. See our prices for multiple dog discount.

Other Services

Call us to see what other dog services we can offer you.

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