We'd love your dog to join our pack!

We walk dogs through the beautiful green spaces in and around the South of Sheffield, and have access to the beautiful nearby open countryside, parks and woods dotting the area for your dogs pleasure. 

We offer a simple dog walking service where we collect your dog, provide an adventure then take them back home, it couldn’t be easier. Just call us to book a place in our pack.
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A well exercised dog is a happy dog

Increasing exercise time will result in greater enjoyment for your dog and fewer behavioural issues. Providing these opportunities will improve their health and well-being. Unwanted behaviours such barking excessively, causing damage in the home and garden are more than likely just down to not getting enough exercise.

Exploring a new stretch of woods engages your dog’s mind as well as their body. Country parks and scenic areas around the area are popular places for us to walk dogs off-leash and play with other dogs, which is exactly what most dogs need.

Whether you are at work all day or if you find you simply do not have the time during the day to give your dog a good walk then we can help by exercising them for you.

For your peace of mind we are

    ♥  Experienced dog owners
    ♥  Fully insured
    ♥  Have references
    ♥  Trained in canine first aid
    ♥  Reliable and trustworthy
    ♥  Close to beautiful walking fields

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