Doggy Day Care Services

Out at work all day?

Banish the boredom with day care for your dog

Doggie Day Care

Dog days can be long and boring without a human around and some dogs suffer from anxiety when you are not there. Park Pals offers a great way to keep your dog entertained and cared for whilst you work with our own doggie day care service. Playing, sleeping, walking and exploring new sights and smells will keep him from being alone and missing you.
You drop him off to us and we look after him for the day, it really is that simple.

Doggie Interview

We meet all dogs for a no obligation meet and greet. We need to know what their character is like as this helps us to get to know your dog and whether they’ll be comfortable with us before we take care of them for the day. When we next meet your dog they will be familiar with us and then we can have some real fun!
We want your dog, and ours, to be happy in our doggie day care, a whole day is a long time to feel uncomfortable and we’ll do our best to ensure happiness for your dog. 

Doggie Day Care FAQs

We Are

  ♥  Experienced dog owners
  ♥  Fully insured
  ♥  Have references
  ♥  Trained in canine first aid
  ♥  Reliable and trustworthy
  ♥  Close to beautiful walking fields

Safety First

Only with your permission and when we feel 100% in control will your dog be let off the lead.


Your dog must be friendly with other dogs, has to be fully vaccinated and in good health and must be fully house trained.

Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

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Other services you may be interested in

If you have a puppy and will be out for the day we can provide visits and check on them for you. 
If you are going away, we offer a home boarding service (this service is exclusively for dogs that we know are sociable).